Easter and Your Diet

How do you celebrate a holiday when your diet is restricted?

There are various approaches, depending on the type of diet, the reason for it and many other factors.

Is your diet flexible?

Easter is a big holiday for many of us. A flexible diet can make room for reasonable feasting. That’s the simplest solution.

If you are on a diet for medical reasons, ask your doctor whether — and how much — flexibility is advisable in your case.

But what if it’s not?

Is food just one small part of the festivities for you?

Religious services, songs, dances, games, decorating, dressing up, visiting friends, catching up with relatives, giving gifts, art projects, crafts and cards, and telling stories might be the real celebration for you. You can probably do all that without breaking your diet. This is the second simplest way of dealing with holidays and food.

Store-Bought Substitutes

Vegan “ham”, sugar-free chocolate eggs and other adapted foods might be available where you live. They might be expensive though.

Homemade Adapted Recipes

If you like to cook, this might work. I don’t.

Here are some vegan recipes, and here are some paleo recipes, and these recipes are listed as low-carb, and these are raw, just for some ideas. The Diabetic Gourmet has these recipes for Easter. I have not tried these recipes and am not vouching for any of them in any way.


Me? I’m planning to eat eggs, chocolate eggs, chocolate, and ham sandwiches. I’m not on a diet right now.

Happy Easter.




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